Homage to Florence (o meglio Firenze!)

Here we are, my first post in english. Of course, I can’t have the same writing skill I have in italian, for this reason I will be shorter and try to use a simple language (even in this way, mistakes are always around the corner). By the way, as in the title I shall talk about Florence which is my hometown. During my travel, I met many travellers. As every traveller know, one of the first things come out in a conversation is the fantastic question “Where do you come from?”. At my answer -Florence, the people were usually looking up to me. Few months ago, I met an american old woman in Cambodia alone who was set to talk to the first western she could find. She was surely a great supporter of italian culture and history. She said something that really impressed me. She said “ Florence is really a beautiful city, but what is really amazing is the feeling that you have when you are walking in there, you can really undestand to walk through something important for the whole human history, there aren’t many cities where you can feel the same”. The point of the question is that Florence has surely been, at his age, one of the most important cities of the world. Monuments and the art that we have today, are coming from that time. Anyway, I’m not here to talk well about Florence. Florence is already a well know place, surely doesn’t need my help to get some tourists.
So, I am going to talk about two points: what it is worth seeing in Florence and what you could see around in the countryside or, in others word, some less-travelled sights.
Firstly,two things should be said about Florence. First, you don’t need any tours, buses or whatever to see Florence, your foot will be enough. Second, It is amazing to walk around in Florence, but half of the beauties of this city are inside museums, churches, bars, palaces, houses. So, for these activities you sometimes have to pay, but i guarantee it’s worth it.

So, if I was you, i would spend a day walking around and another day looking inside florence’s builidings.

Here there are the two maps:

The blue stars indicate worth sights. Even tough, actually, the whole town center is worth seeing. “Il giardino di Boboli” is really nice, especially the view from the top of the hill. There are always many tourists and it is good for a picnic. However, the cost for foreign people is around 15€. For me, it is too much, especially if we consider that with the same price one can visit Uffizzi. However, except the case that you really need these 15 euros, i would go there. In case you cannot understand the map well, I will give you, also, the list of sights:
1.Piazza Santa Maria Novella 2. Piazza della Repubblica 3. Piazza del duomo 4.Loggia del porcellino 5.Piazza della signoria 6.Uffizzi 7. Ponte vecchio 8. Palazzo Pitti 9. Giardino di Boboli 10. Piazzale michelangelo 11. Piazza Santa croce

This represent, instead, the places where you could go in. I believe that Uffizzi, Dom and Santa Maria del Carmine are must-do in Florence. I would say also “Corridorio Vasariano” inside Uffizzi. The problem is that is really difficult to visit it for different reasons. One of these is that it is closed almost the whole year. Another point is that, it has to be booked a lot earlier and also the price is not really helping (70 euros). It is even true, that is what makes this sight so unique -really few lucky people around the world can say to have seen it. So, even if the price is too much i think it is something that has to be done atleast once in a life. Santa croce, le Cappelle medicee and Palazzo Vecchio are worth seeing as well.
Altough, two days might be enough to see a bit of Florence, I advice atleast three or four, to spend some days just enjoying the environment of florence. Moreover, there are some sights really worth seeing outside florence that I would not miss. Whoever likes to have the classic picture with the Pisa’s tower, can go there. I don’t know if it is worth it, in Pisa there is really just this. I think it is better go to Siena that is at the same distance from Florence. Siena is a really small town, but many people like it very much, sometimes even more than Florence. And for the countryside and less travelled places? I would say San Gimignano, even if it is already quite crowded, otherwise there are really nice small towns in the Chianti’s region, like Monteriggioni, Lamole and in the arounds of Siena as Torrita di Siena, Montepulciano.



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